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photo (4)Shazam Group CuddleArchie does GR

Here are some pictures of our Prince Street Puppy Project pups doing what they do every day at our school. From left to right, Kannon, Shazam, and Archie.

Chris and I got our first dog, a Doberman, from a pet store. We just didn’t know then what we know now. We did select fairly well as it was a private pet store and we did get to meet the parents of our Dobe. Our next dog was also a Dobe, adopted to us at six years old. Both those boys have since passed- the first one too young as a result of poor genetics (hence the warning of pet store dogs!!!). We now have seven dogs. Our oldest, mix, Pawn, and our next oldest, Border Collie, Fling, were rescue and adoption. The next oldest is a Jack Russell Terrier, Rukkus, via private rehoming. Then we purchased our first Border Staffie, Kombat, from superior breeders (Rocket Relay). It was right around that time that we lost both our first Dobes, Bishop and Rook, so we went searching for another Dobe. Family Dobes “Krieger” came from Steve at Family Dobes in Arizona. Again, we knew the value of superior breeding. Krieger comes from full German working lines with an amazing lineage of Schutzhund champions and he cost a cool fortune! but he was worth every cent!!!

Finally, the topic of my blog, Rocket Relay’s Fired From A “Kannon” and Rocket Relay’s Highly Explosive “KaBoom”, both from Rocket Relay’s breeding program. Kannon is a full BorderStaffie, half sister to my Kombat and KaBoom was a BorderStacket. KaBoom was a must have as her lines are full of flyball greats!! Sadly, KaBoom died on the surgery table in April 2013 at just over 13 months old. Her loss has been huge but we got to grieve as a school community and as a flyball community. We added Rocket Relay’s Canine Marvel “SHAZAM!” to our home and to our school program in June 2013. Then we added Archie in September of 2013 when his momma, Erin Johnston, came to PSS to be our principal. Archie was adopted from the PEI Humane Society and he lives with Erin, Andrew, and their children.

I am a Special Education teacher at Prince Street School in Charlottetown, PE. We have a very special community of learners in the heart of our capital city. My blog is about what happens every day in my school as it relates to Kannon, Shazam, and Archie. They are all part of a behavioral resource program we are running called The Puppy Project. They are used for empowering students, as rewards/incentives, to develop responsibility, to enhance empathy, to experience and think about win-win scenarios, problem solving as it applies to training and positive reinforcement, for emotional regulation, etc.

A bit more about me- I have been playing flyball with Fast n FURious Flyball since 2000 and have been doing dog rescue and rehabilitation for longer than that. I am a volunteer with the PEI Ground Search and Rescue team as well. I do call-outs and then report to the Command Post to assist with incident communications. Our program won an Isle Award last year for our contributions to our community.

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