Expanding Opportunities!! New Leaders in Training

Expanding Opportunities!! New Leaders in Training

So, at Prince Street School, we are lucky enough to house a special program run by the Board called The A+ Program. This program runs separately but, as with all who come into our building, this staff and these students are considered Prince Street family. We have been visiting the program a bit to give these students the opportunity to benefit from the dogs. It had been sporadic up until the last few weeks. Now we are trying to visit for one half hour once per week. (This picture is of today’s newly trained leader)

So far, three of these students have acted as the group leader. A couple of them have been leader twice. This week and last week, I used these visits to let my regular leadership trainers go in and do a kind of Train the Trainer session with the A+ students. My leadership dog trainers LOVED doing these sessions.

I lingered in the door today to watch and listen. My leaders ran a great session. All I did was ask them to pee Kannon and bring her to A+ for a specific time with her treats. We started the session with me setting out the goals for my trainers- To demonstrate what they have learned as leaders so far and to develop a new leader’s skills. I was thrilled to hear how my trained leaders worked with these students, who they had never worked with before and do not really know- could have been pretty intimidating- but they know what they know and their confidence in their ability is strong. My trainers gave good directions, took control as needed, allowed the new leader to lead, partnered with each other very well, and gave well-timed positive, respectful feedback to the students.

As they left the room, I delivered my feedback; that I was proud of them, liked how they worked together, was pleased to see them take control as needed, and thought they demonstrated excellent leadership. They were pleased and proud but all they really wanted to know was how soon they could do that again!!


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I am a special education/resource teacher in PEI's English Language School Board. I play flyball with Fast n FURious Flyball. I am a member of the PEI Ground Search and Rescue Team. I have a wide range of interests and like to keep busy- can you tell????
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1 Response to Expanding Opportunities!! New Leaders in Training

  1. terry macisaac says:

    Great to hear, so happy that other kids get to benefit as well, great job Eileen!!

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