Back at it!!!

Back at it!!!

Well, we are back at it here at Prince Street School with our Prince Street Puppy Project! We are feeling very lucky to be able to continue our work this year! Here you see a picture of Kannon settling in to one of her new grade five classes. She gets to hang out and listen to a student read every day in addition to her daily training session. She will again be part of Kathy Kiley’s and Karla Willdey’s grade five classes. This year we are going to have her stay for one month in each class so we can give all the students more time with her.

SHAZAM! is having a great time already in Jo-Anne Parson’s grade six class. He is quite the dog, I must say!! Earlier this week, Jo-Anne and I moved him down the hall to her class because her students were gone to a specialist. Jo-Anne let SHAZAM!’s leash go and he ran all the way down the hall to where his crate is kept in her classroom, turned around, and sat down, exactly where his crate is supposed to be- YEP!! He knows his job already!! AND smart!! He has been observed more than once reaching both his paws and arms out of the crate to try and reach for something he wants. He also bumps his head on top of the cage strategically to knock the basket of treats across the top of the cage and off the edge in hopes of getting some. Staying one step ahead of this bright boy will keep us all very busy this year!!

Kannon has been getting lots of snuggle time from her students! She had her spay a couple of weeks ago. She was done on a Monday and was back with her kids on Tuesday. The students loved spending time doing their work down on the floor beside Kannon while she relaxed on her mat outside the crate!!

SHAZAM! has been doing great working with his students and they have done a great job adapting to working with him and his style after losing their KaBoom! I am really not sure what it is about these dogs but they seem to know how to do the pressure to settle the students. SHAZAM! just had his second Friday work/reward session with one of his girls. It amazes me to see him go from romping and playing with his toys with her to being settled in her lap, just hanging out.

So, what is on tap for us this year!!?? We never really know all of it. We do know there is a local television show being produced about Kannon and SHAZAM!’s flyball team, Fast n’ FURious Flyball, so we will be in the studio to finish that tomorrow. We are hoping to have a visit from my friends, Devin and Tara and their dog, Driftwood. Driftwood is being fit for some prosthetics- check him out of fb!! Driftwood is also having a television show made about him- a little more national coverage than we will have 😉 and our vet friend, Dr. MacLean from Charlottetown Vet Clinic wants to come in and have a little talk and visit with our dog classes- likely about animal first aid and some of the other science and health curriculum outcomes at those grade levels. Kannon will go to Indianapolis next month to compete in a North American Flyball Competition so we will have to blog some of that!! AND, of course, Annik performed at Old Home Week this summer- have to share the footage of her dance with Kannon, oh, and SHAZAM! got stung by a wasp last week so the kids had to do and learn some canine first aid- have to do a little bit on that………

So, lots to come!! Stay tuned!!


About ehhigginbotham

I am a special education/resource teacher in PEI's English Language School Board. I play flyball with Fast n FURious Flyball. I am a member of the PEI Ground Search and Rescue Team. I have a wide range of interests and like to keep busy- can you tell????
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