In Memory of KaBoom

In Memory of KaBoom

This is a picture of KaBoom and I last July playing beside the flyball mats. She was only four months old here. Little did I realize at the time, or even a week ago for that matter, that she would not be here to debut in July 2013. (Thank you to Dave Strauss for capturing a memory I will treasure forever!)

It is with great sadness that I announce KaBoom died this past Thursday, April 18, just before 1 p.m. at the too young age of 14 months. She had been at the vet for surgery to remove an obstruction in her small intestine. After a week of vet consults, five x-rays, three ultrasounds, a consult to the Atlantic Vet College, one night at my vet, another night in the AVC ICU, we felt we needed to go in and see what was stuck and felt we had her as prepared as possible for surgery. She was perky, well hydrated, and bright that morning. The surgery was textbook with no complications and all the right protocols were used. Moments after the sutures were done, the heart monitor stopped, Sure it was a mistake, the vet reached for her stethoscope. In disbelief, the vet called for help but there was nothing bringing KaBoom back.

Needless to say, the students at Prince Street School are as devastated as I am. My husband and I are completely heartbroken. My flyball club and my flyball community are in disbelief. There were a lot of people invested in this itty bitty girl. Her breeders are as heartbroke as Chris and I are. There have been a lot of tears in the last couple of days.

Even through this all of this, I seek the message- the thing to take away to make me better- and I think I found it this morning. KaBoom’s heart was too full to fit anything else in so it stopped. She left us with many lessons. As I go back and forth between hope and despair, I think about who she was and what she stood for.

KaBoom was about Never Give Up and Try Something Else!! She would not want me to despair- she would have me to as she did, “oh, that didn’t work, hmmmmm, let me try something else”. She stood for resilience so I must be resilient.

KaBoom lived with GUSTO! and threw herself at every thing she did. She gave 100%, ALL THE TIME, whether that was with trying to do flyball jumps to figuring out how to get on top of Rachel’s table (which she easily did). No matter for good (or for bad), she gave her full effort so I need to give my full effort.

KaBoom shared an uncanny ability to “feel” you and give you her calm and empathy. She was able to sit in the quiet with you, without judgement, and help you find your peace so I need to listen more, talk less, and always seek the peace.

She was a great little dog, never to be replaced. In just seven short days, I will be in Summerside to accept her Isle Award. I will be there. She deserved it.

Hope pushes away despair when I remember what she would have done. You may not hear much more about her in my blog as it is very painful, but know that her legacy lives on in all the lives she touched.


About ehhigginbotham

I am a special education/resource teacher in PEI's English Language School Board. I play flyball with Fast n FURious Flyball. I am a member of the PEI Ground Search and Rescue Team. I have a wide range of interests and like to keep busy- can you tell????
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4 Responses to In Memory of KaBoom

  1. Cassie Levy says:

    I too am devastated to read about the loss of KaBoom. Being one of the first to see this little girl come into the world, I can’t fathom her not being here anymore. My heart hurts for you over the loss of this special baby girl.

  2. Charlene Rogers Bourdon says:

    So many tears in the halls of Prince Street School the last few days. Terrible.

  3. Bill Arsenault says:

    Eileen, Since I was the person who brought KaBoom from Toronto last April, I’m very saddened to hear of her passing. I’m sure she will be fondly remembered by everyone who came in contact with her during her short life. Take care. Bill

    • You know Bill, Amanda and I will be forever grateful to you and your wife for bringing home her little Edge and my little KaBoom. She was a great little dog and her legacy will live on!

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